Just one reason to die another day - Anyhow the Jaguar XKR hasn't deserved to be loser's car in the movie although it lacks 60bhp to the 5.9 litre V12 of the Vanquish

To no one's surprise, James Bond's new car in the new episode 'Die Another Day' is fitted with a pretty arsenal of weapons, not to say silly gadgets and, no surprise too, he defeats the adversary one more time. Save to say that the new filmstrip will be or is no masterwork of cinematics but at least nice entertainment and, to be frank, we just wouldn't expect something different.

One cultural achievement of it couldn't be denied nevertheless! And this is that this blatant nonsense in pictures always has impressively reflected the finest style, fashion and architecture of its time. That's why the industry spends a fortune to place their products in these movies to present and promote them as one of the best and most perfect ones, even good enough to be used in the spying business.

Means, money is not only what makes the world go round but also what makes 007 disloyal. Not that her majesty ever could not rely on Mr Bond but the last episodes have demonstrated that the British secret service didn't trust in British equipments anyhow. Ok, ok, we put the blame on Mr Q.

five views of the villain's Jaguar XKR from James Bond movie 'Die Another Day'

Now, take notice, thanks to the Americans, this intolerable situation has changed. Ford has spent a few millions of dollars to persuade 007 and Q of replacing the previous Bimmers by an Aston Martin and the film company to show other cars of the big Ford company such as several Range Rovers, a Thunderbird. Villain Zao has got a Jaguar XKR which is, of course, not less overly armed as Bond's vehicle.

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