And the facts concerning the automotive leading rolls are as impressive as the special effects in the 007 thrillers. The military technology, says its imitations, would cause an additional weight of over 2.5t per car if it all were mounted on one. But the biggest problem is not their weight, it is the limited space of the high-end sports coupes. All the gimmicks such as a rocket launcher system, a plenty of missiles, machine guns, a radar system and grenade launchers plus a pursuit plane's ejection seat requires a full size van to be carried.

Another reason to die another day - The Vanquish is in any event a winner, no matter if it is piloted by Mr James Bond or anyone else

That's why the film crew had to modify 7 Vanquishes and XKR respectively just to have one car for the planned scenes available. Some of them have only the body work with the production models in common. Besides a Jag and an Aston re-fitted with Range Rover all wheel drive transmission for a car chase scene on a frozen surface. Furthermore there also were eight otherwise modified vehicles with smaller engines, without passenger and rear seats just to clear a space for the gadgets.

In the movie, the audience won't notice all these shams and imitations. And, so you disbelieve this tricks you'd better observe the traffic behind you attentively, wherever you are. If you notice a following XKR with the license plate OR 203 or a Vanquish with KE02 EWW you are possibly on target in this moment. Precautionary we provide the address of Mercedes Benz' special protection cars page for you:

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