KANZLER[AUTO]WAHL (chancellor [car] election)

Presidents, prime ministers, kings, and sheikhs mostly choose Mercedes, the most representative German make. Contrary to all those, the German chancellor himself, Gerhard Schröder, has decided to take no Mercedes and selected an Audi A8.

5 views of the Reichstag Building, seat of the German parliament.

But in September 2002, the Bundestag [German parliament] elections will end up the Audi era and Mercedes has no chance nevertheless. Even though the current chancellor could be re-elected, he wont drive an Audi anymore. In this case, Herr Schröder will chose the all new VW Phaeton. Certainly, a VW is not a breach for a representative. Volkswagen means somewhat like īpeopleīs car` in the German language. Says, driving the car of the people is considered suitable to get some extra scores.

Unlike the American voter, the German elector doesn't care about who will be the First Lady but about which one will be First Car...!

The rival Edmund Stoiber, currently prime minister of the Free State of Bavaria, will certainly go a car made by the Bayrischen Motoren Werke (BMW), translated Bavarian Motor Works. The favourite make of gangsters and American rappers (and/or gangster rappers...!? :) ) is currently very popular at Germany īs youth who doesnīt like its conservative parent īs car brand and avoids to take daddy īs Benz. But Herr Stoiberīs policy is by far more conservative than Mercedes ever could be - says, no extra scores for Stoiber even taking a progressive car like the all new Seven.


Herr Schröder vs. Herr Stoiber, socialists vs. conservatives, Volkswagen vs. BMW, and the winner will be the German motor industry īs reputation because all the presidents, prime ministers, kings and sheikhs will be able to select from a wider assortment of representative luxury saloons. Hard to make decisions being a statesman in these times!

related link: www.bundestag.de [ official website of the German parliament ]

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