Yes, the first month of 2004 is already over! High time for the next desktop calendar. Creating the January issue was a mess. Because of the little time for it, sadly a few mistakes occurred. All relates to the German issue. Not only the month was in English at the first German edition, later we also had to note that we interchanged the days Sonnabend/Samstag [ Saturday ] and Sonntag [ Sunday ]. Means, at our calendar 'So' came before 'Sa', although it actually has to be the other way round. Sorry for this faults. We hope it didn't cause any inconveniences . This time, we rather experiment with something more harmless and provide optionally a colourful option.

The January issue with the [ sadly not quit correct ] weekdays in German was more popular than our statistics actually let expect. Round 4% of our readers are German native speakers, but the share of the calendar downloads have been exceeding this rate significantly. Nearly 40% of our visitors opted for taking it in this language. Even despite the fact that there only was a nearly unobtrusive text link to it. Mh? Should we rather make the entire site in German? Just kidding! But what about a multilingual one. We don't know - and rather check out how much a multicoloured option would be preferred. This one is in English whereas all who want something in German get what they want with the monochrome Beetle issue. By the way, this time it's absolutely correct - we have checked it three times!

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