As we completed the item on the new Signum, the motoring press has shown what Opel is going to present in Geneva too. And, it looked like it would be hardly avoidable to make no article on the GTC Geneve concept car. Most readers would wonder at least why we write about the Signum, not mentioning the GTC that certainly will attract by far more attentions than Opel's so called new business class.

Consequently we went about scanning the Internet for any stuff about it. The first item we found was a few lines on it at, a site that just deals with automotive design. No problem, the GTC is a introduced as a concept car which is why it can't be wrong referring to a report on its shape.

But, for real, the car is more than a concept. It provides a foretaste on how the new Opel Astra is going to look. Insiders say that's the shape of the forthcoming 3-door model and we say: Wow! What we see is exciting. O.k., the round stoplights at the roof spoiler are not to come on the production model and the rear lights will be also modified then but, the shape is great though.

Its tightened lines make it looking very dynamic and we shout: At last, a new sporting compact car without Alfa Romeo design cues! Sensational, we were waiting a long time for a car like that! Pretty nice looking that thing! But, on the other hand, Opel has proved a huge talent in mutilating awesome concept cars before they has arrived our roads as a production model. Time will show if the Astra will look as great is it does as this concept car!

Before we come to an end now, we would like to recommend the articles on the GTC at CarDesignNews and TheCarFanatic as well as our item on the great tradition but tragic history of sporty Opel cars. See links below.

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