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The supercharged V8 is strong as an ox but revving up it drones like a spin-drier.
[ Auto Bild, Germany - on the all new Jaguar S-Type R engine sound ]

After years of research Volkswagen confirms that after V comes W.
[ VW advertisement in matters of the new 4.0 litre W formation engine ]

If you believe ... the name Vel Satis is merely a shortened amalgam of Velocity and Satisfaction ... you are way off beam.
[ Car, U.K. - on Renault īs new flagship īs name ]

My car beat me at chessī admit a new 7-series driver!
[ Evo, UK - headline in good fun on BMW īs radical menu control system iDrive ]

The Passat W8 is unrivalled in its class and 10% lower at price in comparison to its direct competitors.
[ Ferdinand Piech, former CEO and current chairman of the Volkswagen group]

If cars were shoes, a Jaguar would be a nice, comfortable brogue, a Defender would be a steel-toecapped workboot and a Ferrari would be a pair of very pointy racing spikes. A RAV4 would be one of those fashion trainers that are actually not recommended for running.
[ Car, U.K. - on Toyota īs baby off roader RAV4 ]

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