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A cow emits more carbonic acid gas than these days' new cars
[ Jürgen Hubbert, Mercedes Benz CEO on modern cars' emission ]

Regarding driving comfort, it feels similar to being inside a washing machine
  [ ams TV about the driving manners of the Porsche Carrera GT3 RS ]

Criticisms only refer to the price, no one says the new Golf isn't worth the money
  [ Volkswagen CEO Bernd Pischetsrieder on the new Golf's price ]

We make 1.5 million curry sausages per year - more sausages than cars
  [ Klaus Labersweiler, boss of VW's staff canteen at Wolfsburg ]

It was as usual with Audi, you get in and everything works!
  [ Frank Biela, German Touring Car Masters driver on his new car for 2004 ]

German customers don't buy cars anymore, they purchase bargains only
  [ Carl-Peter Forster, CEO of the German auto maker Opel, on the situation on the German auto market ]

The Carrera GT is a piece of art, and this piece of art even earns money
  [ Wendelin Wiedeking, Porsche CEO on the new super car of the German carmaker ]

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