The new Crossfire should merge American design and German technology. As we say, Route 66 meets Autobahn.
[ Dieter Zetsche, Chrysler CEO on the German ingredients of Chrysler's new sports car's concept ]

I was born as a domestic pork and have to life as a wild pig!
[ Ferdinand Piëch, current chairman of the VW group, as a member of the Audi board responsible for technical developments and, as a grandchild and shareholder of Porsche ]

I wouldn't even take a leak with Mr Piëch
[ Jürgen Schremp, DaimlerChrysler CEO, on his colleague in another matter than animal one above ]

A car is the most expensive acquirement in a man's life - apart from his wife
[ Das Neue Automobil, Germany in an article on new automotive complete financial services ]

Closing the door it sounds more like a tin's fall off than the closing of an upmarket mid segment vehicle's door.
[ a German Jaguar S-Type owner, apart from mainly positive experiences with that car ]

The designing of a car seat including a headrest adjustment is amongst the most difficult jobs in automotive developments.
[ extract of an excuse letter from BMW concerning a not working headrest control of a new Seven ]

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