Volkswagen Phaeton

MANAGER MAGAZIN: Mr Pischetsrieder, recently, you have announced that things won't fundamentally change at Volkswagen. It seems you basically had in mind that Volkswagen is just going to continue manufacturing cars?

MR PISCHETSRIEDER: Indeed, this I can assure. But seriously! VW is going to set three priorities in future: products, products and products.

[ Bernd Pischetsrieder, CEO of VW, reply in the Manager Magazin, Germany ]

Jaguar X-Type

. . . I am sure that you would be kind enough to provide me with the home address of one Dr Wolfgang Reitzle in order that I may apply a swift boot between his legs. . .

. . . four wheel drive is as British as Apfelstrudel, unless the vehicle is box-shaped and its name ends in Rover. . .

. . . If the earlier X-types were 'baby' Jags, then this one is positively foetal! What could be next? An Aston Martin for the masses using leftover Ford Cougar chassis? . . .

[ a British Evo reader not amused about the new front wheel drive X-type ]

Morgan Aero 8

. . you should experience it! That makes the Morgan mutating from an attack on the cool roadster clientele's anglophile degustation to a great driving machine.

Suddenly, the warped thunderbolt rises a great fascination, an excitement from the haunches which immediately let forget the squinting front looking like a medium tree crash.

Some people take likely to it and dote on its strabismus, on its savage knob, on this tarmac gorging vacuum cleaner. Very martial, but that's the way the road's knights are . . .

[ Auto Motor Und Sport; Germany, on the optical strangeness of the Morgan Aero 8 ]

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