The French Goddess

It had a futuristic appearance and it also doesn't change in course of time - it simply seems to be from another galaxy, even 47 years after introduction. Presented at the Paris Automobile Salon in 1955, the DS shocked Citroen's competitors and was enthusiastically accepted by the Paris' public.

At this time, its very extravagant style was as popular as its sophisticated technology and there was a lot of it. A disk brake system was standard for the very first time at a car and a 180-bar-hydraulic-system supplied power steering and brake system as well as an automatic transmission and a new type of suspension system.

Citroen DS - left side view

This new hydro pneumatic suspension enabled comfortable road manners that were not beaten in the 1950's and not in the 1960's too. Later, in 1968, Citroen offered a steering coupled swivelling head light system, a technology that is to come in the next years again. Admittedly, not mechanically controlled but just more than 30 years later.

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