Citroen DS - detail views

1.5 million models were sold until 1975 and the DS was the flagship of Citroen's model program for 20 years. Undoubtedly, it is the greatest French car ever. No other vehicle made in France has been approved as well as this car. Although it has got other or additional designations as ID or Pallas, it went down in history as the DS only. The reason for this is the French pronouncement of the letters DS which sounds alike the word deesse - translated: goddess. That became its nickname and it just has deserved to be called so.

Nomen est Omen, it became somewhat like that. Even enthusiasts of British or German vehicles appreciate it as one amongst the greatest, unmatched and immortal cars ever. Recently, an international jury of automotive journalists and experts from 32 nations elected the goddess on 3rd place at the election of the car of the century. And, indeed, a goddess isn't satisfied with love in itself, she needs to be adored eternally.

Citroen DS Convertible

The author of these lines really doesn't like the current Citroen vehicles or French cars in general but let go credit where credit is due. The star Citroen may not shine as bright as in the those glory days but the goddess' brightness will never fade.

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