As many times before, names of engineers who enabled technical progression like this which was basis for a car like the DS were replaced by names and badges of their employers and finally fall in oblivion. Even the designer of the DS and creator of many important French cars is internationally unknown contrary to his Italian colleagues as Pinifarina, Bertone and Giugiaro. But Flaminio Bertoni's creative work as a designer and artist is too important and much too successful to be forgotten completely.

The Creator Of France's Most Famous Automobile Sculptures

In France, his home country, he reached fame and honour of a national artist. Although Bertoni was an Italian, his mobile and immobile sculptures were awarded there many times. Besides this, he was known as an architect as well as an inventor, even outside of France. His patent on a system for a faster construction of family houses was successfully realised in San Louis, USA and immortalised his name also on the western side of the Atlantic.

3 Bertoni sketches

Creations as the Citroen 2CV, Traction Avant, AMI 6 and, of course, the DS too played leading roles in lots of movies, not only in French ones. Even though Bertoni vehicles came our way as often as those of the more famous Italian automobile designers he never reached reputation of them because their works bear names significantly more noted than Citroen in these days. And, supposed ordinary passenger cars just don't attract as much attention as super sports cars.

Connoisseurs of European vehicles should know the name Flaminio Bertoni and if you are one of those too, we just like to seduce to visit the English pages on the website dedicated to the creator of France' most famous automobile sculptures.

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