KAMEI Dakar - rear-right view

Kamei, a German company that is more noted as a manufacturer of aftermarket components
for cars of the VW group than as a real auto tuner, has recently introduced their program for the brand new Touareg and, the range is surprisingly comprehensive.

To present their latest items for that German SUV, they have been creating a concept car named Dakar which includes all components they have in store for the big Veedub such as side skirts, grill, door handle covers, roof box, fender extensions and under body protection plates. Thanks to them, the Kamei Touareg, or Dakar - as you like it - really looks fresh and sophisticated, and does not appear so boring and clinical as it is the case with the original designed in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony.

KAMEI DAKAR - custom garments for Volkswagen's SUV

But not everything on it is made by Volkswagen and Kamei. The rims, as an example, are from CW, a firm that specializes in off-road vehicle wheels. In dimension of 22inch, as shown on the photos, they suit the car very well, but they are also available in 20 inch for it. Moreover, an on-board entertainment system with all thinkable DVD and TFT gadgets is announced for the end of 2003 and complements, together with performance upgrades for the V6 and the V10 TDI engines, Kamei's range for the Touareg.

All in all, the Dakar is a pretty nice source for owners of VW's Sports Utility Vehicle to pick up a few ideas of how to individualize their car. And, of course, Kamei also offers it all as a complete package, unfortunately not without asking for 12,000 Euro at the same time.

KAMEI Dakar - left-front view

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