Yes, also th January 2004 issue was worth the juicy extra charge on the UK price we have to put on the counter of one of those two shops that carry this fine publication in the Leipzig area. Okay, evo's way of assessing cars is not quite that of Teutonic journalists - who usually determine all relevant values in style of scientists, using high tech equipment to present minutest details in numbers - in tenth seconds, in fractions of litres, meters and degree Celsius. But, the evo editor's reports aren't less informative though. Not to say even more interesting than any German source could be, sometimes. Because, first, the Brits only know one unit, and that's the thrill of driving - in accordance to the mag's subtitle - which is surely not indecisive when it comes to purebred sports cars and second, regarding our Ferrari-Lamborghini item, they are free of any patriotic preferences, as it could be the case with German editors who would possibly run the risk of preferring the Lamborghini because of its Bavarian DNA . Nonetheless, the evo outcomes are just results of subjective opinions. No problem, in the case of the eCOTY test it admittedly is a fair average of the values of several editors' scorecards which makes us putting our trust in their opinion. By the way, more 'evo' comes here: www.evo.co.uk

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