Once, at a time as most of us haven't been born yet, cars bear thermometers on top of their water coolers and drivers had, or had to take, the time to observe temperature painstakingly to prevent engines from overheating. Nowadays, water temperature indicating displays look a little bit different and risky rates are indicated by alarm tones and warning lights. Means, the necessity of permanently reading them has dramatically decreased tough it's important yet.

It may only be an insignificant example of how much automotive technology has changed in course of time but it turns out that esthetic technology does not come to light anymore. Although there are people who regret it! For instance those tuning freaks who lacquer their brake callipers to make them stick out behind filigrane wheels selected especially for the purpose of making the brake system more apparent. The Ferrari designers obviously also belong to that fellows who like viewable mechanics. Instead of hiding engines behind plastic covers, as usual today, they show the fine pieces of Italian engineering by providing a glazed cowling in case of the Enzo and the 360-series, turning them into the world's fastest showcases that way.

Now, the German firm RR Motorsport Ries offers an interesting part, not to say a highlight, to decorate these rare showcases. In the tradition of yesterday's primitive gauges, they have brought out a so called oil temperature direct display which looks pretty old-fashioned although it's technically more sophisticated than it seems at first sight. The wonderfully antique looking round meters are mounted instead of the standard oil filler caps and have a red face matching with the cylinder head covers. An oil filling between dial face and protective glass pane damps vibrations of the idle caused by the engine and enables, together with the elastic bearing of the gauges' housing, an exact meter-reading even when the engine is running.

This company which is basically a motorbike dealer has great experiences in manufacturing such gauges for bikes since over two decades and their products are reputed to be reliable and extremely precise. The used materials such as high-grade steel and aluminium militate in favour of the item's quality, as well as the fact that the original Ferrari oil filler cap sealing is taken to seal the connection of the Ferrari's cylinder head cover and the splendid decorative foreign body. The article is round 330 Euro plus VAT, ex work and available at the Italian sports cars' dealers all around the globe or directly at RR Motorsport Ries. This is the domain: www.RR-Motorsport-Ries.de

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