Porsche Cayenne by Gemballa - rear-left view

A look at the photos - sorry, computer drafts - saves us from explaining what is different to an ordinary Cayenne, we think. Gemballa will probably bring this body kit before long. The air inlets behind the quarter window [see image above] is certainly not to come contrary to the rest on it that will be available soon, when things run smooth. And the German auto tuner is also going to satisfy those who prefer their car not so wide. The side skirts, front and rear bumpers are planed to be available for cars without the mighty wing extensions as well [see image below]

MIGHTY FINE - Porsche Cayenne refined by Gemballa

Whatever way anyone prefers his or her Cayenne, Gemballa provides plenty of interesting components to refine Porsche's Sports Utility Vehicle a way that lets it stick out from ordinary cars of that kind, even from other tuned Cayennes. We find they should be praised for being courageous to make that automotive world more colourful in spite of the common taste. The current items of Gemballa for the Porsche SUV are a bit more restraining. For all who are interested in them, here comes the link:  click..!

Porsche Cayenne by Gemballa - right-front view

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