screenshot Porsche Carrera GT - 'In terms of graphics it is a masterpiece once again'

When it comes to car racing simulations apart from all those Formula 1 and Rally games, one name has been on top for 8 years now: "Need For Speed" (NFS). The hottest cars on earth available on mouse click, state-of-the-art graphics and driving physics and all that combined with great career- and free racing modes. That's what made all titles of the NFS-series guarantors of hours and hours of fun. Amongst the best and most successful NFS-versions was NFS3 "Hot Pursuit", a game that concentrated on car chases and gave the player the possibility to play a cop or a speeder, hunted by the cops.

The Great Pretender

Knowing all that, a lot of people really looked forward to the 6th sequel of the NFS-series "Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2" and decided to buy it without even having seen a single pixel of it. What a mistake! Not that it would look bad! In terms of graphics "NFS:HP2" is a masterpiece once again, but - sad to say - that's all this time. Everything the NFS-series stood for in the past seems to have gone with part 6.

screenshot Aston-Martin Vanquish - 'A mystical power redirects you in the opposing direction'

It's passably acceptable, that - unlike it's predecessor - NFS:HP2 does not give you any possibility to adjust or tune up the cars, but it comes as quite a shock to realize that the driving physics of those vehicles are as realistic as those of a bumper car. They are hard to keep on the track, but nearly impossible to force into a controlled drift. In addition, the walls seem to have magnetic powers. If you get in contact with them it's pretty hard work to break away. And, even if you avoid hitting the walls, there's a mystical power waiting for you to lose control of your car and then making sure your car spins far enough to always end up in the opposing direction.

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