screenshot Lotus Elise and Police Car - 'You immidiately become owner of a Lotus Elise shaped punching ball'

But even all those facts still aren't the most annoying ones. This title clearly goes to the cops and their cars. Starting the "hot pursuit" mode, you immediately become owner of a 122hp Lotus Elise shaped punching ball. The cops crash into your car as if the streets weren't wide enough to drive alongside. Well, no problem for the car here, because judging from the damage the cars take in such attacks, they are more racing tanks, than sports cars. The only one who has trouble with cop-attacks is you, the player. OK, you might say: "with only 122hp it's perfectly normal that you can't outrun the cops. With stronger cars the problems should decrease", but wait till you get e.g. the BMW Z8. You'll see, its 400hp can hardly help you. The cops - even if starting from 0 km/h - have caught up with you in seconds. Only question: "How the hell did they get that warp drive into those small cars?"

The Great Pretender

If this isn't enough to drive you away from "NFS:HP2" the guys from Electronic Arts (producer of NFS) have another surprise for you: The police helicopter. In contrast to its archetypes from the real world, this chopper doesn't just watch you with infrared cameras or stuff like that, but drops burning barrels that explode if hit by a car! Seems like a rather odd method of bringing a speeder to justice ... and a quite dangerous one! From time to time some poor guy from the oncoming traffic or even one of the cops hits one of those air mines. Keeping in mind that you often hear the cops radio "I'm ending this pursuit in the interest of public safety.", you'll surely wonder whose deranged idea of 'public safety' that is.

screenshot Porsche 996 in situation with burning barrel - ' Police helicopters drop out burning barrels for 'public safety' '

That's how it is. But what are the reasons? Did the programmers at EA suddenly go crazy? We say: no! Our impression is, that "NFS:HP2" simply was a snapshot. Shortly after the start of NFS5 "Porsche unleashed", a game named "Need For Speed: Motor City Online" (NFS:MCO) was announced as the next offshoot of the "Need For Speed" family. Concentrated on the American muscle car tradition and planned as a pure online game it was a whole new approach on the topic of NFS.

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