Some months later a test of a preliminary version of the new game was started and there the first mistake was made: after you filled out the registration form, they told you that you could not participate if you weren't a US citizen! The worldwide NFS community protested and EA had to abandon the restriction. After that, "MCO" got a bit out of public's sight and it was declared to be still in development, but no longer a part of the NFS series. Later it was published in the US and shortly before it should reach Europe its introduction here was cancelled. The last thing we heard from it, was that the MCO game servers were taken offline, which renders an online game useless, and the buyers were offered gratis versions of other EA games.

The Great Pretender

So, to us it seems like especially outside the US "Motor City Online" wasn't a great success and EA had to come up with something different. Knowing, that today's game developers are under high pressure to deliver novelties in decreasing time-spans, it is quite sure that EA has more than one programming team working on NFS and develops different versions at the same time. So, our conclusion is, that "NFS:HP2" was planned to be number 7, but after "MCO" didn't work out as expected, it had to come earlier. Making it even worse, the EA management wanted to have "NFS:HP2" ready in time for the 2002's Christmas trade. Altogether we have to say: Hands off this game, unless you have a tendency to find pleasure in spending money on things, that only worry you. Of course we hope and believe that version 7 (announced as NFS: Underground) will do better in satisfying NFS fans, but we recommend testing the trial version, that is traditionally available via internet and on CD, before buying it.

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