Jaguar intends to introduce the estate version of the X-type on this year's IAA in Frankfurt. Unless it won't be postponed one more time. As usual, the car's launch is a bit behind schedule and presumably no one will be really bothered about that delay. The question that should be asked is: who the hell wants an X-type station wagon? Estate cars are very popular in Europe and it's true that those who are reputed to be competitors of Jaguar offer such vehicles. But does Jaguar have to copy this? The sporting styling of Audi's and BMW's midsize estates may have been encouraging the British carmaker to rival them even though past taught they do better start picking out other opponents.

Jagauar X-type Shooting Break concept (left-rear view)

Jaguar's history defines their image exactly which restricts wide interpretations. Says, expect-
ations regarding style and feel are fix and not living up to them were not wise. Undeniably, they have mastered this task almost at all times, except a long period of annoying quality problems. A Jag always came up to anticipations and we always found these cars as we excepted them to be. The more we wonder why the Ford division always strives for competing with the German firms by copying their model strategies.

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