Jaguar X-type Shooting Break concept (right-rear view)

Facing the problems of the last years, the cat should beware attacking the German packs in unknown territories. Why doesn't the English automaker try to find a niche that is neither captured by other manufactures nor seem unsuitable to the English brand? Okay, it's hard to find one but, one is enough. We would recommend an X-type based estate in Shooting Break style because it's a sort of car that has a special British tradition and it optically makes clear that it shouldn't be an ordinary estate, but a radical sporting cross of one and coupe. Nobody buys a Jaguar car just to get a practical transportation vehicle.


So the lacking doors will be no drama and this exceptional concept would help to elude some comparisons with any Italian, Swedish or German models. Nonetheless, this one won't sell quicker than a 5-door version but we think it doesn't damage Jag as much as a car always compared with vehicles that simply have to meet other criteria than a Jaguar. By the way, to our point the X-type estate project will be an economical disaster. No matter how many doors it will have. The sedan sells so slow that Ford considers bringing no successor and the balance surly won't be better when complementing the X-series by a car that will sell even slower.

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