Audi A3 by JE Design (front and rear view)

Less obvious, but also interesting are the headlight covers. This kind of parts are offered since many years, not to say decades, but in course of time the tuning enthusiasts passed over extending their cars' hoots and realised much more sinister and aggressive looking solutions that way. With the A3, the Audi stylists have been taking up this custom and gave it a slightly gloomy look as well. The covers by JE Design now emphasise this facial expression but the national tuning scene will certainly favour their own creations made from steel, also in future. An article which will probably be more in demand is a set of lowering springs. There is one offered that reduces the Audi's ground clearance by about 35mm.

Although the press' critics also referred to an annoyingly hard suspension set up of the original A3, the item will go down as well as a thread chassis which is currently in preparation. A stainless steel 4-pipe rear muffler is also in the pipeline, in addition to performance upgrades for the 1.9 and 2.0 TDI engines. JE Design's present range for the compact Audi is completed by a unique roof fin that is called 'Shark Attack'. And, who wants to change his/her A3's outfit even more radically, will too find something appropriated made by this tuner soon. The German company has already announced a complete aerodynamics body kit. In case you want to know when it's out, just observe their website, the link comes here:

Audi A3 by JE Design (left-rear view)

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