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BMW 5-series with Hartge grille (front section)

Big radiator grilles are becoming popular. Audi has presented the concept cars Nuvolari and Pikes Peak with mighty chromium-framed mouths between their front lights and it's no secret that the coming models from Ingolstadt will have radiator grilles like that. The reactions in Germany on that were as clear as divided which is why this design is strongly suspected to start a love-hate debate as the Seven at its launch.

An option for all who prefer a large grille but don't want to take an Audi could possibly come soon. The renowned German tuner Hartge considers to bring out a front end for the 5-series that would enable drivers of the new Five to keep up with Audi A6 and Jaguar S-type owners in matters of big noses. But the realisation of that item is currently undecided, as Hartge says. On the other hand German tuners always had not only a special sense for innovations but also great courage for making unusual things come true.

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