Experts may say that's no innovation, BMW's kidney-shaped grilles already had this proportion in the 1950's and 1960's. Indeed, seen in that light Hartge's front end is a retro element, and no real novelty. Taking up that style is an interesting newness though. Getting used to this more and more spreading mighty snouts is also a question of time, offering it optionally can't be wrong in any event.

BMW 5-series with grille by Hartge (draft)

Especially as Hartge too intends to offer less polarising and more restraining parts to individualise all sides of the new 5-series which also refers to its front. And, who wants big wheels to match with the big grille will be also right in going on the look out at Hartge's coming range for the E60. The wheels on the picture are, apart from usual sizes, also to come in 20inch for this car. There's nowhere anything bigger available, because even larger is technically impossible.

Ok. This is just a future draft and maybe it never will roll out on our roads but perhaps, a positive echo in international Internet forums could persuade Hartge of producing the car that is shown above. Their today's product range for the new Mini BMW and Range Rover cars come here:

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