To check this out we took a look at the Rieger catalogue. Rieger Tuning is a leading German company which manufactures aerodynamic parts and has set the trends very often in the last years and, their catalogue is cult here! But, it doesn't seem that the Zender bumpers are really en vogue unless Rieger is wrong in bringing more simple bumpers with large air intake apertures on the market.

New and remarkable products that also will raise attention are transparent but coloured exterior mirror housings. The item by Mattig may be a good idea but won't find a ready market as we think because the colour trend is over. It certainly would find more buyers when the inner parts were chromed and the covers were made from clear glass. That's how today's cool stuff has to look.

Last but not least, we take a look onto the most important component of car styling: wheels. All dealers offers a wide variety of rim designs which shows that there is no real new trend detectable. Nevertheless, a few facts shouldn't remain unmentioned. New wheels of the formerly well-loved dimension 9x16 are extremely rare in 2003. This means: fat wheels with deep dishes aren't all the rage anymore, though it won't become extinct because it's already a classic which makes sure that it will be not taken out of the tuners' wheel programs.

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