On the other hand, we have noticed several new wheels with dark chrome even though that type of wheels' surface coating didn't become widely accepted and, the attempts to establish them were already done a few years ago but the wheel makers obviously don't give in. Despite of that, we predict that the tuning freaks won't replace their shiny bright chromium or polished wheels by those more dark alternatives launched by ATP and Schmidt. Although, Schmidt was a trendsetter of the last year's wheel fashion - but the dark chrome is not so noble as the bright one and doesn't meet the current taste thus!

All in all the car styling 2003 won't significantly change in compare to last year's trends. Smooth but noble wheels of a small widths but large diameters will decorate modest modified car bodies refined with a set of cleaned bumpers in addition to clear glass lights all around. And, no! We really didn't forget the interior styling but it is just as simple as the one of the steel sheets' outer site. Chromium, wood and leather covered parts, besides a fine entertainment system, is still hip. Means: inside, everything has to be as noble as possible too.

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