BMW Z4 by Kelleners Sport (front-left view)

The wheel has a dimension of 8.5x18. In the case of the Z4, tires of widths from 225 up to 255mm may be mounted on it. To improve the driving characteristics, e.g. to make them more sporting, Kellerners Sport provides a set of sports springs that lowers the car by 30mm at front and 20 mm at rear. And who wants to take it even sportier could fit his/her Z4 with a reduced gear gate. Kelleners claims this enables shifting gears quicker than with the original SMG gearbox from Munich. All this measures make the upgraded Z4 running to 100kmh in 5.2 sec and to 200 in18, whilst wind forces prevent the roadster from accelerating at about 280kmh.

BMW Z4 by Kelleners Sport (2 detail views)

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