Something between car, motorcycle and powerboat

Lamborghini, a sister brand of Audi, is unfortunately infected with the same disease like the other Volkswagen divisions. The virus name's is diversification. On the one hand, VW launches a luxury sedan in S-class style whereas Bentley is going to expand its range to a lower class by offering a car of the same size.

Click on the image to view a larger version. Lambonino concept - proposal A; click for larger image

Nothing else but Volkswagen's aggressive product strategy requires this massive growth that could be seriously dangerous for a make. It may be a pretty advantage when cars share know how and costs! The more model lines share components the less expensive their production will be. But some brand names are known for exclusive series and not for mass production. Manufacturing such vehicles in all too large numbers means to damage their reputation possibly.

This is doubtlessly the case with Lamborghini. Only a few affluent people appreciated these uncomfortable car's manners and afforded one. Its rough and loud character stands completely out of conventional luxury items, no matter if cars, yachts or planes. A Lamborghini is made for a pleasure of a different and very special kind. It is designed to feel the dynamic of acceleration, it's made to experience velocity and brake forces, not to be something very pleasant in terms of convenience. All in all it is not a car to everyone's taste. Spoken with other words, it has only two things in common with a Ferrari. It is a sports car and it's an Italian one!

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