Something between car, motorcycle and powerboat

But now, Lamborghini announces a smaller Lambo to rival Ferrari. Believing that Lamborghini is Lamborghini and not comparable with any Ferrari, sports cars connoisseurs will be surprised for sure. The current Lamborghini image is embodied by the Murcielago and its predecessors. Consequently, every other vehicle will define its image anew unless it is characterised by the same attributes. If the Italians launch a shrank Murcielago so they will certainly shrink the brand's reputation too. But what kind of car should be a smaller Lambo? Surely, everything but a car softer than the Murcielago because reducing its fierceness would mean to castrate the make!

Click on the image to view a larger version. Lambonino concept - proposal B; click for larger image

Recollecting the history of other fine sports car manufacturers there are parallels to Porsche. Also the German company was embodied by one car, the 911. Every new sports car they launched seemed to damage Porsche's prestige, no matter if it was a successful one or not. Promptly, they were compared with the 911 and puristic-minded enthusiasts were disappointed because it was something different to the good old Nine Eleven anyway. Later, the marketing department learned from these problems. As a consequence Porsche developed the Boxster, a car that provides pure and perfect pleasure typical of Porsche but not of those kind that could be compared with the 911. The Boxster offers open air feeling of a kind not expected from the Porsche with the mystic three numbers. The Cayenne is the most radical result of this insight. Who would compare it with a 911? A Porsche is a sports, or at least a sporty, car that combines purism, convenience and perfect technology but having similarities to a race car it has to bear the number nine eleven and has to be shaped like one, that's it!

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