Something between car, motorcycle and powerboat

O.k., Lamborghini is not Ferrari just as it isn't Porsche. It surely would be wrong to copy Porsche's strategy. But identical problems could be solved with identical methods. Learning from the Porsche story, the little Lambo should provide the fierceness of the Murcielago but on a different way. What about a car that offers an outstanding agility caused by a smaller wheelbase and a reduced weight? A car that adds an extra thrill to the wild and rough manners typical for Lamborghini. What about pure airstream, an intense experience of another physical force?

Click on the image to view a larger version. Lambonino concept - proposal C; click for larger image

Being something between car, motorcycle and powerboat, another sector of Lamborghini's commercial activities, it should combine everything associated with Lamborghini. Thanks to various optionally available windscreen sizes it could be even rough enough to make riding it without helmet or goggles inadvisable. And, wouldn't it be a nice merchandising item? The genuine Lamborghini Speedster goggles! I would bet my life that many drivers of German, Italian and Japanese roadsters would wear it to show that they are as uncompromising in mind and attitude as the Lamborghini Speedster is!

At any rate, the baby-Lambo should be better, more expensive and faster Lotus than an alternative to any Ferrari. The British light weight sports car manufacturer's priorities in car designing meets the philosophy of Lamborghini by far better than those of Lamborghini's Italian neighbours from Maranello. And the gap between the Elise and the Murcielago has a dreamlike dimension. There could be three models launched in it! And, no one of them would be rivalled by any competitor. Even though the exclusivity of Lamborghini depends on the number of produced cars, the range could be decreased. But it isn't merely a question of numbers but also one of preserving the brands character. Volkswagen should consider that having the reputation of a sports car manufacturer is one thing, being a unique and exclusive one is another. Once, Seniore Feruccio Lamborghini founded his manufacture to make cars better than those of Seniore Enzo Ferrari and not to design something similar. The heads from Wolfsburg ( VW ) and Ingolstadt ( Audi ) should bear that in mind.

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