And one thing is safe, this redesign will find willing lovers! But, if Mercedes Benz really brings the SL with this front, there'll be some more SL owners who will welcome the occasion of investing in an optical update of their car. After all it has turned out that the luxury 2+2 seater is the most upgraded Benz on German roads. Lotec, the company which had this nice idea, uses finest materials to let it live up to what the SLR-face suggests: high-tech. Means, all parts are made of carbon fibre, according to its stylistic archetype whose body is entirely made of this material. By the way, the facelift costs 9800 euro including painting.  

Mercedes Benz SL by Lotec (right-rear view)

In addition, Lotec offers a performance upgrade of the SL 55 AMG model to 400kw, translated: 605hp. For that, it cranks out a maximum torque of pretty 800 Nm. To reach this rates, nearly nothing remains as it is in the standard SL's engine compartment. The range of modified components covers crank mechanism, throttle units, clutch, differential lock, gearbox, headers, as well as the control systems of the engine and the gearbox, of course. In other words, Lotec turns everything in front of the A-column a tad closer to the super car made by McLaren in Great Britain

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