Mercedes Benz SL by Lotec - front detail

L O T E C   S L

Who intends making his/her SL even finer will surly find pleasure with the noble alloys that turn the SL into a real boulevard-Merc. The forged and high glass polished 20inch wheels have a width of 9.5 inches at front and 11 at rear. Tires' dimensions are 255/30 and 305/25 respectively. In accordance to their look, the rims are naturally no bargain. Their price of over 8K isn't cheap, even for 20 inch rims, but style and finish make them worth each of those, just to specify it exactly, 845,900 cents that Lotec demands for a set of four wheels including tires. All prices i Euro and ex VAT - in case you're currently calculating a few improvements of your SL.

Mercedes Benz SL by Lotec - right front wheel

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