Details such as mirrors, slats, wipers and door handles are chiefly preferred chrome-plated or high-gloss polished as well as the units in the engine compartment. Such kinds of glisten contrasts are in and wont be certainly out in the next seasons. This fashion will probably reappear at the next generations of noble Teutonic power sedans. Contrary to the lowering rates! The widespread philosophy concerning suspension modifications is to make it as low as possible and lower as legal at all events. But the people who afford an AMG Mercedes or an M BMW would hardly accept the complete absence of any ride comfort like at the scene's cool looking low-flyers. And, also the freaks have to suffer for it. In addition to their spinal columns, the extreme lowering also stresses their front spoilers as many destroyed ones have proven. No risk, no fun and no problem! Front spoilers are just rudiments anyway! The popularity of showy spoilers, skirts and aerodynamics kits decreases year by year. Possibly because of the extremely lowered bodies but mainly because of the new purism.

Luckau impression 3

All those who don't like the glittering parts go an American way and detach, if possible, all those parts that the others would polish to mirrorfinish. This so called Smoothy style came up about seven years ago and didn't lose in popularity. It matches perfectly with the more simple German Style which was why this American fashion became a familiar look on German auto meetings too. All in all it's safe to say that the German tuning taste is more American than ever before. On the other hand, the cars at the Waterfest Veedub meeting in the United States look very European now, they are no more the strange spoiler monsters (seen from a German point of view) they were a short time ago. Thanks to the internet, an international styling taste seems to emerge somehow.

TREND DETECTION - the German auto makers observe the national tuning scenes to detect upcoming styling trends as soon as possible - just as

The most interesting thing will be who creates the global trends of the future. The Americans? The Europeans? The Germans? Will it remain what it became now? A mixture of all styles or will it be divided soon again!? Considering that even genuine parts become more and more popular, another interesting matter is who influences whom most. The tuning scene the motor industry or the aftermarket manufacturers the scene or the other way round? What ever may come, the FAST-ZI-NATION stays on the look out and will report on the latest tides of the German car tuning scene to keep you up-to-date.

At the end of the item, as every time when we have visited an auto event, we present a few snapshots as a selection that shows the text in pictures!

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