The Maserati Calendars 2003

Soon, the first quarter of 2003 is over and, admittedly, it is very late to mention a calendar for this year. On the other hand, it's really never too late to recommend good things which is why we want to draw your attention to the electronic calendars offered, more exactly hidden, at the official Maserati website.

5 scaled down Maserati calendar sheets

Maserati, as a manufacturer of softer and more classic sports cars with less record breaking abilities, doesn't focus as much on their car's extreme nature as their Italian competitors which makes it an alternative to all who prefer not only Italian design but also a more calmly driving style.

The Maserati calendar is accordingly something for people who associate ars vivendi - the art of living - with Italy and not super fast cars only. Besides an issue with motives of the current Maserati models, also a history-related version is available.

An animation at the website shows the single pages so that you easily can select the calendar you would like most. It automatically changes pages when it is due, a feature which isn't too much sophisticated but nevertheless rare, we think. However, click here to get the calendar[s]

Just in case that link above doesn't work which sometimes occurs, we also show the path that leads to the calendar page at the Maserati website:

> Maserati start site > International > Passion > Gadgets > Calendars

Click here to go to the Maserati homepage:

< contents

The Maserati calendars are just two out of many this sorts's offers of the Internet. Other auto-
makers, tuners and motoring magazines also provide calendar wallpapers. Soon, together with a few changes at our site, we will also create a directory for things like that and other exceptional motoring related electronic arts. If you know some good sources for stuff like this, just let us know.

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