Striking public's taste is a tricky matter. That's why copying successful examples is a common, and also bad, habit. Concerning wheel design this habit is more than usual. Many wheel makers which have imitated auto or rim manufacturer's designs proved that it is an easy way to make money. But admittedly one that won't bring all too much recognition. A company that has achieved an outstanding kudos is MOMO.

The Italian firm is well known as a creator of always fresh and pleasing wheel designs, though innovations aren't what they are noted for. This was different in the early 1990's as MOMO launched a five-leg wheel with a detachable plastic cover. Replacing it by one of another design has allowed to change the wheel's appearance leaving the rim and its understructure the same. Unfortunately the wheel wasn't widely accepted so that it phased out a few years later. A reason for this misery was probably the rim's price. Another innovation of that time was spoke covers. The covers were gettable in various colours or revarnishable to accentuate one's car.

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