A pretty nice idea but it met the same fate as the other one, presumably because of the same reason. But, this story goes on. Recently, MOMO brought out a wheel that revitalises exactly this principle. Not only concerning the covers, but also regarding its price. The rate for the covers is a bit too high to be paid for an ordinary piece of plastic. Besides this rim, that is called Tuner, the Italians also launched another one that too can be individualised by being partly repainted.

The X-1 named wheel possesses spokes inserts instead of covers. And, you guess, it isn't cheaper than the Tuner rim. Sad thing, we think. Copying oneself isn't a shame but repeating the same old mistakes is a sin. Considering the wheel's rareness, investing in a set of four is worth it though. After all, having a special taste was expensive at all times, particularly when something from Italy was desired. The thrill of being able to choose a new colour from time to time will make the not so reasonable price forgotten, on the condition you really love it more colourful.

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