As you certainly have noticed, we recently modified our contents page. Most important change is that it is shorter, which means it loads faster now. Its shorter length also causes a higher up-
dating frequency of the news columns, we hope you'll like it. The selection panel of the Leipzig motor show articles has moved to the previous contents site, after all these ones aren't all too topical anymore. Also on this page is now a news column that contains the most surpris-
ing and astonishing newness of the last month.

TIDINGS ...the latest news about FAST-ZI-NATION.DE

Attention! Spam eMails
As we say on the contents page, there are some bad guys who use our good name to spread spam mails. Moreover there are hints that these emails contain a virus. Says, don't open any attachements of such post. Sadly there is not all too much we can do to stop that oxygen thiefs from doing their nasty deeds. And, the few countermeasures that can be taken, take our precious time which we could use much better for our magazine.

Just Nonsense
Being of the opinion that website traffic rankings doesn't make sites public notice comparable, we now experienced an occurrence that proves the correctness of our point: Because of our marketing activities, our traffic has doubled within three weeks. But, our position at has been degrading by about 70,000 places since this time. No comment!

No words
Word is amongst a few Microsoft programmes we use. Sorry, ...we used, because the software recently refused doing its job without any hint to the reason why. And our search for the deficiency's cause was finally completely unsuccessful as well. Now we are going to replace this incalculable risk by installing OpenOffice. It's generally known that Microsoft items are very inreliable - why should we experience something different!?

No problem, we are really optimistic about being able to master such trouble but we just want to let you know what and who cause problems and delays. There are things that must be said, and condemned!

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