scene from 'Need For Speed: Underground'

After the disappointing 'Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2' [see related article] we were waiting impatiently for its successor 'Need For Speed: Underground'. Then, Christmas time had come once again and 'Electronic Arts' - producer of the NFS-series - decided to launch the 7th sequel 'NFS Underground' to place it under as many christmas trees as possible and we wondered 'will this version be worth the money?' Good news first: if you are a fan of car tuning - especially if you like the American style - you'll probably like the game with its Hondas, Toyotas, Mitsubishis and all the cool tuning parts from well-known manufacturers like BBS, Brembo or Enkei. But if you can tell a difference between 'racing' and 'ramming' other than the spelling, we unfortunately can't recommend it to you.

> You Are Only Driving A Pentium <

Why's that? The graphics is great once again, the sounds are the best ever to be heard in an NFS-title and the atmosphere is just as you were a character in 'The Fast And The Furious', but: when it comes to racing, your opponents don't seem to be the young guys from the movie. Already at the race's start, they crash into your car and carry on doing so all throughout the race, as if it couldn't do any harm to them and their expensively tuned up cars. If it helps slowing you down, they even give up a good race position, as if you were the only opponent they had to beat. Of course: as it is only a game and they are only computer generated, all this is actually right, but we think that a computer game should not always remind you of the fact, that you are only driving a Pentium.

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