scene from 'Need For Speed: Underground'

> Impossible To Avoid A Horror Crash <

Well, but that's exactly, what NFS:Underground does all the time: If you are really fast, one opponent is always good enough to follow you very closely, waiting for you to fail in keeping the car on a good line and then taking over the lead, which is OK up to this point, but: if you don't make a mistake - no problem - NFS:Underground does it for you! Every now and then, your car doesn't respond to your steering commands, changes direction on its own, doesn't change gear at first button press, suddenly starts to become very unstable or any combination of those problems you can think of. Should all this not be enough to prevent you from winning: don't worry, NFS: Underground has a solution! There's a lot of traffic in 'NFS-city' and if you don't slow down and let the opponents pass, the game will find a constellation of traffic and environmental elements, that makes it (at least nearly) impossible for you to avoid a horror crash accident.

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