scene from 'Need For Speed: Underground'

All this is just a bit annoying in 'quick race' modes, but if you 'go underground' and start a career, it really gets on your nerves, because you normally have to win every race to continue with your career and this means you are forced to do some of the races about 10-20 times, before you are finally able to win it. And all that although there are plenty of occasions to see, that the computer-controlled opponents are lousy racers!

> Police Seems To Be Hanging Around In Donut Shops <

And now we come to what all makers of computer games these days are promising: high de-
grees of reality. Concerning the cars, we didn't find a lot to complain about, but a racing simu-
lation does not only consist of cars. Talking about the location where all the races take place. Let's call it 'NFS-city' - we have to say: you really won't wish to live there. Obviously only pick-ups, vans and taxis are allowed there, the streets are full of standing obstacles and idiots [including you as a player] racing through the city with often over 200 km/h, while the 'NFS city police' seems to be sleeping or hanging around in donut shops instead of doing something against the speeders.

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