scene from 'Need For Speed: Underground'

> Drift And Drag Mode Are Clearly Highlights <

OK, that's it for the gameplay, now let's go to the basic stuff: Besides the modes 'circuit' [multiple laps on one track], 'sprint' [racing from A to B] and 'knock out' [last one in every lap is out], which are rather standard, there are two more modes: 'drag' and 'drift'. Well, the names say it: in 'drag'-mode you have to finish the quarter mile in the shortest time, while in 'drift' mode you are alone on the track and try to do as many drifts as long as you can in greatest possible angle. Although even those modes aren't perfectly realised [would you do a drag race on a street that isn't completely straight, has construction zones and is full of traffic?], they are clearly the highlights of NFS:Underground. They succeed, where the other three modes often fail: in letting the player have fun..

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