scene from 'Need For Speed: Underground'

> Atmosphere Is Great But Artificial Intelligence Is Poor <

So this time it isn't as easy to say if this game is worth buying it or not, as it was for its predecessor 'NFS:HP2'. Sound, graphics and atmosphere are great and the driving physics are on a high level, but there's no damage model, the opponent-AI* is poor and you can easily see, how your performance is manipulated by the game. In the end it's just a question of preferences: If you play just for fun or like games just because of their cool graphics, 'NFS:Underground' will do the job, but if you take it more seriously and are keen to play through the whole game, forget about it or it will cost you at least two years of your life by ruining your nerves. Oh, and before we forget it: if you are proud owner of a 'Force Feedback' enabled game controller: switch this feature off or ... you know ... another year.

*AI = artificial intelligence; in gaming terms: the routines that control the elements of a game, that aren't controlled by the player [e.g. the opponents]

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