Audi Nuvolarissimo concept: FICTION OR PREDICTION? - click the image to get the wallpaper

Isn't it nonsense to make a Nuvolari 4-door model? After all the Audi luxury GT is a 2-door A8, in view of its technology and platform! Yes and no! On the one hand, no! Audi was already designing a 4-door coupe without mid columns and suicide doors in the late 1990's, and rejected the project later, stupidly, but Mercedes is going to launch a 4-door E-class coupe with half mid columns soon. Otherwise, yes! Already an A8 Avant was put off because of economical concerns. Though Audi's market researches had turned out that a luxury station wagon in Avantissimo style would find ready markets, the project was cancelled because most part of people who were keen on such a thing would take it unfortunately instead of an A8. Says, in the end it would be just a success at Audi's flagships' expense because producing the A8 in two variations at the same sales rate would make it less profitable.

That's also the problem with a car like our Nuvolarissimo: it would be a serious competitor to the A8, one like no other car else. Consequently such a vehicle would have a snowball's chance in hell to get realised, what a pity! But please don't think we make primitive things like attaching only an additional door at the Audi press photo. In fact, we were wanting to make a 4-door version that is a bit more practical for four persons, preserving the original appearance at the same time. The Nuvolarissimo has a longer roofline and a less inclined rear window which would enable sufficient headroom at rear. To keep the optical balance, the side window profile is adapted accordingly whereas the trunk lid is shorter as a result of that. All these modifications make entering the rear not significantly easier but a car like that is finally a compromise, contrariwise it would be an ordinary sedan!

O.k, that concept is really more fiction than prediction but, the Nuvolari, as well as the Pikes Peak concept before, also introduces the styling details of next year's Audis, such as the large grill, the bolt shoulder line and the both instrument clusters. That means, something of that shape will come our way soon. Possibly in style of the new A6, even if it won't get those fine rear lights and this extreme coupe profile. The Nuvolari itself also could roll on our roads in a few years too. Despite of the problems with the profitability of such cars, Audi is strongly considering to make this dream car come true because these kind of vehicles is the future scenery of the horse power war, and they neither want nor can afford to stand behind BMW's 6-series and Mercedes' sporty high performance cars. This also makes clear that saying a coupe like the CXJ concept, that we recently have shown, would do good to Jaguar's reputation as a manufacturer of fine high-end cars, is not so hare-brained as it seemed at first sight. But this is a matter of a completely different kind of prediction, isn't it? The Nuvolari, at any rate, is a further prove that the classic Grand Torismo is back.

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