At the page 4 of our report on Germany's auto styling trends we stated at the headline: 'extreme bumper made by Zender' but the car's bumper possibly doesn't come across as something disproportioned on the photo, as we assume. The problem was that we know many photos on which it seems so but as we were on the look out for a pic that shows it clearly, we didn't find one of an appropriated quality.

Extreme Bumper made by Zender

Because of the fact that the item already has been delayed because of rearranging its layout two times before, we decided to stop searching for a better image, as well as we decided not to ask Zender, and published the less depicting one. The text was written in February, the trouble with its illustration has delayed it to early April. To show the bumper's true style, we present the graphic display with a photo that points out its real appearance more clearly.

View the original image at the Katalog welt article click..!

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