Joyfully we noticed that Kamei provides a special writing on their Touareg based concept Dakar on their web site. Being of the opinion we can save us from drafting a headline for this article we adopted the draft in size and colour. But we were way off beam. The rounded design of the tag didn't match with the angular images and so we rounded them, but the result didn't seem as something to our idea of a good layout.

Kamei Dakar Tag

Refusing to give in, we cut the photo's edges and tried out many radiuses without achieving our aim. Though the tag is not our creation, we show it at this place as symbolic example of the time we waste because of affording unique headline designs which is something unusual at other online auto magazines that simply use standard letters and fonts. But being a mag that focuses upon lifestyle and fine automotive things, we hope you accept the lower frequency of new items' launch.

View the article on the VW Touareg Dakar by Kamei click..!

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