headline: 'Just Like Italian Fashion'

Unlike many other aftermarket wheel manufacturers that only keep up with the latest fashions OZ Racing doubtlessly sets the trends. The name has a similar reputation for car enthusiasts like Gucci and Versace on the fashion sector. No matter if made form cotton or aluminium, Moda Italiana is just popular around the globe. Besides their styling abilities, OZ-Racing's reputation bases also on technical know how which they had proved as a supplier of the current Formula 1 world champion Ferrari and of the recent Le Mans winner Audi. The new Classe wheel demonstrates one of those innovative details characteristic for OZ's Wheels.

OZ Classe wheel - 'It demonstrates one of those innovative details characteristic for OZ's wheels.'

The design has stylistic similarities to the popular Superleggera series. Most distinguishing feature is, besides stronger spokes, a patented lip made from stainless steel which protects the wheel from curb damages. In this case the ring can be separately replaced. On the other hand, it isn't a completely new idea. BBS already has a modular wheel with a removable stainless steel lip available.

And, the Classe wheel's prices ruin the advantages of the system. It is available in 18" from 493€ [about 420 US$] including the ring, the single ring costs 93€ [about 80 US$]. That is to say that you have to pay summarised 568€ [500 US$] for a wheel inclusive a replaced ring. At this rate you also could replace a cheaper wheel completely in most cases. If you take one at the charge of about 220€, you safe enough money to afford a new set of four if you ruined one of those bargain wheels. Instead of replacing a destroyed rim you can select a new set then and to choose something new is just a pleasure for many enthusiast.

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