That is to say that you should be very particularly about taking an expensive wheel like the OZ Classe whose high gloss polished steel lip looks very noble indeed. But even in comparison to modular wheels which enable to paint the inner part in body colour leaving the outer rim blank, it isn't a cheaper option in most cases for those who prefer that style which perfectly matches with cars painted in dark metallic colours and decorated with chromium trim strips.

And, the wheel is also available as a two piece model named Classe 2, as a luxury escalation regarding the monoblock version. Unexpectedly not at price ( available from 520€ in 18" ).
Twenty-seven € plus for the modular wheel is a reasonable extra charge. For sure, many buyers will prefer it to the monoblock variant.

OZ Titan wheel - 'An alternative for all those who want something different from the widespread five-spoke wheels.'

Another noble but not so expensive alternative is the brand new Titan wheel. Although it bears this name it is made from an ordinary aluminium alloy. Available in diameters from 15" to 18", its application range covers the segments form the subcompact cars to fine executive salons and sports cars. Its seven spokes emphasise the noble character of the wheel. The spokes are extended widely to the outer edge of the rim as much as to the badge of the wheel cap which causes it to seem larger than it really is. That way it's not only a wheel for all those who prefer another rim as the widespread five spoke wheels but also one for all those who would like to equip their cars with tires in standard dimension.

Both rims strongly manifest the surpassing image of wheels by OZ-Racing. They are noble and very stylish but expensive - just like Italian fashion.

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