Further five minutes later, we were in the know that this concentration was a result of the annual meeting of the Porsche Club Deutschland (PDC), as a we already assumed, inferring from stickers pasted on some cars. The website of the PDC provided further information and we learned that the event has been started at the Schkopau Castle on Friday. On this Saturday, the Porsche owners were officially received by the Porsche Leipzig GmbH, where a racing event took place on Sunday - of course on those famous Porsche race circuit that contains the most legendary corners of this world's race tracks.

Porsche 996 multiple Porsches, including a 996 and a 968 Porsche 911 Porsche 996

This was surely to the drivers' taste but not to ours because the Porsche premises is nearly hermitically sealed. Nevertheless, we laid on wait in front of the main entrance, or more exactly as close as possible, to take a few pictures. Besides that, we even stalked to the secret test track and shot photos of the racing sports cars, but a little later we arrived at the point that this blur impressions might be not all to interesting to our readers and so we went back to the hotel. But there were no cars anymore to take pictures of.

Intending to shoot more photos when the Porsche drivers come back to the hotel before departure, we observed the whole area but unfortunately there weren't all too much suitable chances on shooting good photos. No problem, what we have caught is enough to make a little article including two small galleries. So we publish the best snapshots on these pages, being happy about this fortuitous opportunity of taking part in the PCD meeting with our camera

two 911s

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