Heavy GT concept - one possibility for Porsche's fourth model line


Porsche is a small manufacturer and the usual opinion is that mass is all that counts in this industry. Underpinned by mass-produced vehicles, Audi, BMW and Mercedes launch cars of equal power to some models of the 911 line but, at significantly lower prices. That sets Porsche under an immense pressure. The claim of being a manufacturer of exceptional sports cars is not believable when the same performance is available for 70 or 75% of the Porsche's price. Furthermore it will get harder for them to keep up with mega combines as DaimlerChrysler and Volkswagen that spend a huge amount of money on developing new cars and technologies. Despite Porsche's very noted development centre in Weissach, the enormous efforts on that sector could exceed their possibilities soon. Id est, they have to grow for decreasing production and developing expense. That's why the chiefs at Stuttgart are at present pondering how to expand the range without running the risk of destroying the remarkable image of the carmaker from the federal state of Baden Württemberg. The matter is undecided at the moment but there are many interesting projects and considerations. One of them is a heavy GT that provides outstanding dynamic driving abilities but also exceptional conveniences.

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