VW Golf based entry-level Porsche concept


In contrast to the Nine Eleven, it will be a car that focuses less on race track usability but more on travelling comfort. The advantage of it were that the 911 could get a little more uncompromising in its character. The GT would compete with BMW's new Six, Audi's Nuvolari, Mercedes' CL and CLKs by AMG when realised with a classic GT body. Besides that, a 2-door sports wagon using the Cayenne platform is another option. Even more surprising is a concept that bases on the VW Golf! Sharing many components with Volkswagen's compact car, it would be an unexpected opportunity to drive a Porsche. The hot hatch could be powered by a VW V6 engine, admittedly just on the condition that it generates more power than any other sporty Golf no matter if it name ends in GTI or R32. Doubtlessly a tempting car for young urban people!

The Boxster has turned out that cheaper cars attract younger buyers which is why a compact Porsche would being helpful for tapping new customers from Alfa, Honda, Saab, Audi, BMW or Volkswagen. Nonetheless it contains the risk of destroying the image of the brand. Historical examples show that hard-core Porsche enthusiasts blame them for such prestige-diluting joint ventures with Volkswagen. Though that vehicle has the lowest chances to become reality, the acceptance of the Cayenne makes its realisation a bit more likely than it was the case 5 or 10 years ago. But, another serious problem is: the 2004 Boxster is to come with a fix roof which means the compact car and the coming Boxster Coupe will be much too close to exist side by side in the model program without cannibalising each other. Says, a Golf based Porsche has nearly no chance because of the Boxster Coupe. But, time has changed though. No matter what really comes, which vision, concept or option will be turned into reality, one thing is safe: we will have to revise the way we see this make in future.

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